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Gone are the days when having a web presence was cutting edge - sites have to do more than post contact details. Knowing the nuances of the differing user setups; the relevance of e-commerce for your business and the best structure for your site makes all the difference. Established in 1997, design-spinner has this experience based on award-winning graphic design and solid experience in new media coupled with tight project management.

About Edward Scutt

The creator and helmsman of design-spinner, Edward Scutt works directly with clients to custom design their web pages. One of the first graphic designers to concentrate on new media (a medium initially dominated by computer programmers), he focused exclusively on web site design and programming for over two years at a cutting edge, specialist internet agency in London developing sites for Gardner Merchant/Sodexo, Withers solicitors, Nortel and other large companies.

He was also principal print designer prior to this for a leading London full service design agency for six years. Much of his work there included annual reports and publicity material for some of the UK's most prestigious companies. Responsible for initial concept mock ups, design and page make-up, right through to print, his work earned him and his company industry 'gold' design awards. His clients included the BBC, BT, Kleinwort Benson, ChildLine, BOC, Crimestoppers, SmithKline Beecham, Pfizer, Glaxo, PPC and United Distillers.

With his experience, Edward offers concrete advice on corporate branding that work across paper and electronic media. He designs and codes all the standard site pages, from start to finish, ensuring a consistent control that only direct contact with a designer can give (often lost in the chains of command in other agencies).

Edward has an honours degree in Graphic Design from Bristol Polytechnic and incidentally, as a qualified yacht master, he can navigate in all conditions and take the helm when required, both on the water and the worldwide web.

Additional team players

If additional skills are needed, we can bring the following expertise on board from our team of associates who include:

Software Developers
Specialist CGI and Database Programmer
Java/Javascript Expert
PR Consultant
Additional Page Coders
New Media Marketing consultants

Direct designer access

Sites will be custom designed and developed by Edward. With sights clearly focused on the specific needs of your business, design-spinner brings creativity and innovation to the development of your web site as well as strong project management skills. Sites are planned with a clear structure and close attention to detail, ensuring easy navigation for visitors. This is well illustrated by his continued engagement by the British Egg Industry to design and maintain their web presence since 98, undergoing three complete redesigns to the main consumer site in this time.

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